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The Russian economy has attracted many investors wishing to start enterprises. With a 1.5 trillion dollar gross domestic product and a population approaching 146 million people, Russia stands as a good investment destination. This article seeks to take a closer look at some of the potential investment opportunities available in Russia.


Russia has plenty of fertile lands available for farming. In the 2020-2021 agricultural year alone, Russia produced over 125 million tonnes of grain. These are figures worth considering if one is deciding on a country to invest in farming. The statistics may be attributed to the Russian government”s involvement in agriculture. Over the years, the government has made loans available that help farmers acquire farming equipment and inputs. This has not been limited to Russian nationals but also offered to foreigners willing to farm in Russia.

The farming environment has been made smooth, allowing people from all corners of the world to try their hand at agriculture. If one is considering investing in Russian agriculture, it's worth mentioning that the country has all boxes checked to allow for a bumper harvest. It would, however, be up to the investor to do additional research to ensure that they are putting their money in the right place.


With Russia’s vast lands comes an abundance of timber. Naturally, one would think of furniture manufacture. The key to any manufacturing business is acquiring affordable raw material—what better place to get inexpensive timber in abundance than in Russia. The industry feeds thousands of families and contributes a considerable amount to the Russian economy.

The fact that timber is so readily available at a low price allows a potential investor to enjoy the benefits of cheap and easily accessible raw products, enabling them to maximize profits while maintaining quality. Although it may cost a limb and an arm to invest in the furniture business appropriately, the rewards are favorable.

With the help of the Russian government, a foreign national may acquire a loan to pursue a dream in the furniture business as long as their paperwork is in order. Turning timber into aesthetically pleasing artwork may prove to be somewhat of a challenge for the mere man but hiring qualified, experienced merchants may help one overcome this hurdle. Investing time to train in the trade, wearisome as it may sound, maybe another option to help kick off a potentially life-long dive in furniture manufacture.

Education Consultancy

Students from all around the world apply for Russian education annually. This stretches from Russia’s impressive engineering courses to their successful drama classes. Over the years, students have flocked in wishing to get a taste of Russian literacy. This has inadvertently opened up opportunities for student consultancies to thrive in their market.

Students hailing from countries as far as southern Africa would need help acquiring study visas and accommodation in Russia. Opening a consultancy that serves this purpose would promise to be lucrative as the Russian educational system is still developing.
Setting up an education consultancy is relatively inexpensive compared to other potential businesses. Knowledge of trades offered in Russian education, however, is required in its abundance in this case. It would be advisable to start as a more specialized consultant to avoid hiring “gurus” of another trade to impart guidance to potential students.


From Mount Elbrus to Kizhi Island, Russia has a host of out-of-this-world tourist attractions. With over 30 million visitors flocking into Russia every year, a little over 5 trillion Russian rubles are made every year from tourism. The list of tourist attractions in Russia is nearly innumerable, and this serves well for potential investors.

The Trans-Siberian railway, Valley of the geysers, Lake Baikal, Suzdal, The Kremlin, and The Hermitage Museum are just some of the many sites people would want to visit in Russia. But how would one make money out of this opportunity? Arranging bookings, flights, tours, and Russian literature may be one way to achieve this. Selling artifacts, souvenirs and performing traditional ceremonies for tourists would prove a worthwhile investment given the massive influx of tourists into Russia each year. This may again prove to be a capital-intensive business, but if done well, it would, based on statistics alone, most likely yield positive results.

Coffee shops

Temperatures in Russia average negative 30 degrees Celsius and lower in heavy winters. Hot beverages are therefore a favorite in the sub-zero temperature nation. Although inflation may have slowed down the consumption of takeaway hot beverages as of 2013, an astounding USD 10 million annual sales revenue is still reached each year. With the frigid temperatures typical to Russia, casual hot beverage drinkers are inevitable.
Opening a coffee shop almost anywhere in Russia has promises of substantial returns. Drinking coffee in Russia has become somewhat of a culture as it provides both a pass time and an escape from the gruesome temperatures rampaging across Russia.


With an economy ranked well above average, Russia has numerous opportunities allowing investors to place their money on worthwhile investments comfortably. This article discussed only but a few of the many lucrative businesses that may be pursued in Russia. As mentioned earlier, the nation is a well-known exporter of oil and natural gas. If within financial capabilities, these are some of the ventures one would venture into. As is the case in any investment, however, extensive research needs to be undertaken to ensure one is putting their money in the right place.

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