Registration of a company in Ukraine

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We specialize in forming companies in Ukraine through a quick and easy process that allows you to focus on the key aspects of your business.

Types of companies in Ukraine


Limited liability company
LLC (or TOV - Tovarstvo z obmezhenoi vidpovidalnistyu) is the most suitable option for small and medium-sized businesses. In Germany, also known as GmbH, in Poland - Sp. z.o.o., Czech Republic - s.r.o., in Britain - Ltd. The liability of the founders is limited to the amount of investment in the business and, in this case, the founders are not liable for personal assets to the debts of the company.

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Joint-stock company
Joint stock company (JSC), also known as Aktsionerne partnership, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - AG (Aktiengesellschaft), Mexico, France, Spain and Poland - SA, requires comprehensive compliance with legal and reporting regulations, including public disclosure of financial statements ... Hence, Joint Stock Company is more suitable for large companies. In addition, this type of company provides for the issue of shares. If a company places private shares, it is classified as a private joint stock company. In case the shares are publicly traded, the company is a public joint stock company.


Representative office or branch
The representative office may only conduct market research and carry out activities not related to commerce and payments. That is why it is applicable to foreign companies that are targeting Ukraine, but want to better understand the market and business environment in the country. If it is necessary to start trade relations, the company can open a branch (permanent establishment). This form of representation must be registered with the tax authorities, and keep records on an equal basis with other companies.


Cooperative activity
As a joint activity, Ukraine proposes an Agreement on a business activity, which is not a legal entity, but such an agreement may be legal for a foreign investor and a Ukrainian partner to make a profit or achieve another goal.


This type of business entity is applicable to individuals who are involved in small businesses without significant risks. FOP is easy to register for both a citizen of Ukraine and a foreigner.