Opening a bank account in Italy

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Documents needed to open a business account.

In order to open a business account, you will need to provide the Bank with certain documents. 

  • Online application form;
  • High-quality colored scan of your passport;
  • Please note, that drivers’ licenses are not accepted for identification purposes.


Corporate documents for business account:

  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Memorandum and articles of association;
  • License URL / Document – If business activity required a license;
  • Any other relevant corporate documents depending on the country of registration;
  • Supporting documents on clients/suppliers (such as invoices, contracts, draft contracts);
  • Documents for initial funding - If the first transfer is from an existing corporate bank account, a bank statement is needed, or if first transfer is from your client, an invoice or contract is needed;
  • Live verification process - Taking a clear photo of your Passport / Residence Permit (EU/EEA) / ID Card (EU/EEA) with all the necessary information visible, and verifying your identity by taking a photo of your face;


What types of business entities does Wittix support?

Wittix supports the following legal structures for business accounts: Private Limited Company (LTD); Limited Liability Partnership (LLP); Public Limited Partnership (PLC); Limited Liability Corporation (LLC); Sole Traders & Freelancers; Professional Corporations; Partnerships; Unlimited Companies.


What industries are not supported?

You cannot open or hold a Wittix account if you carry out any sort of business or business activity that relates to the following:

  • Escort, Adult and Dating with sexual intention;
  • Pornography / Prostitution;
  • Weaponry, military and semi-military goods and services;
  • Weapons (including weapons of historic significance), military software, or any other goods or services intended for military use;
  • Trading in precious metals, stones or art;
  • Running an auction house;
  • Cashback services;
  • Drugs, any substance mimicking illegal drugs and any product intended to be used to create drugs;
  • Chemicals and related products;
  • Selling or trading protected animals;
  • Video-game arcades;
  • Selling second-hand cars;
  • Binary options or illegal gambling / trading;
  • Debt collection;
  • Tarot and fortune telling;
  • Trading in prime-bank guarantees, debentures and letters of credit or medium-term notes;
  • Individuals, entities, or countries subjected to international sanctions;
  • Nonprofit organizations and charities from countries outside of European Economic Area and/or European Union;
  • Unregistered charities are not supported from any regions;
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes;
  • Trade of restricted and/or endangered animal species and products derived from them;
  • Shell Banks;
  • Ponzi, Pension / illegal schemes;
  • Unregulated Foreign Exchange businesses;
  • Unregulated lending businesses;
  • Unregulated Money Service Businesses (MSB);
  • Unregulated remittance businesses;
  • Unregulated casinos or Forex.

In the case that you are not sure about your activity or if you have any questions regarding our ability to accept it, please contact support department before starting our online application:



N26 Business is a simple and affordable solution for all your daily financial business needs. The N26 Business account is a safe and intuitive digital business current account that you can sign up to in minutes. It is beautifully simple, transparent and free; allowing you to receive payments from clients, send money and spend confidently while keeping your business finances completely separate from your personal ones. 

N26 Business accounts are reserved exclusively for freelancers enrolled in a professional register or order (such as architects, lawyers, pharmacists, and nurses), and other freelancers, i.e. the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs with a VAT number (such as designers, photographers, electricians, or owners of B&Bs and holiday homes with VAT numbers). 

However, it is not possible to sign up for an N26 Business in the name of a partnership, capital company, or another entity, including subjects with legal status and liability. 

It applies to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. 

How do N26 Business accounts work?.

N26 offers a wide range of Business accounts, designed for freelancers and the self-employed, with a Mastercard linked to their account, entitling them to up to 0.5% monthly cashback on all their business payments. If you are interested in Allianz coverage or other Premium perks, besides the N26 Business account, you can also opt for N26 Business You, N26 Business Metal, or N26 Business Smart. 

The maximum daily payment limits for the N26 Business Mastercard (total amount within 24 hours) are: 

  • ATM withdrawals: EUR 2,500;
  • In-store or online payments: EUR 5,000;

Why you should choose to work with SIGTAX.


SIGTAX is the team of professionals which will work for the best results for you. With us, you will get a professional, fast and effective services. We will make all the work for you and your business. First, we will help to fill in an application form and all the related documents. Additionally, we will help with the collection of the documents and future submission. Also, we can provide free consultation and expert advice regarding the bank account opening and all related processes.

You can choose the following leading bank groups:


  • Credit Suisse
  • USB
  • Swiss post office
  • Raiffeisen


These banks are used by 81% of local residents in Switzerland. You can choose any of these if you need world-class banking and if English is your priority. Credit Suisse and USB are labeled as the Big Two. They are the best in the country. They do not scatter their services, but provide them under one roof. The only caveat is that they are more expensive compared to other banks.


Swiss post office and Raiffeisen offer standard banking services at competitive prices. Their online sites also provide access to languages such as English (except Raiffeisen), French, Italian and German..


Other banks to consider:

  • Cantonal banks
  • Post bank
  • Migros bank


Unfortunately, most Swiss cantonal banks are only accessible to local residents. Only a small percentage are registered with these banks, about 17% of the glocal participants. You can use them if you need basic banking with available services and if English is not that important to you. However, when using these banks, you may miss advanced products / services.


To open a bank account in Switzerland, you need documents such as:


  • National ID, accompanied by an official document such as passport / visa (no driver's license accepted)
  • Proof of residence
  • Previous bank statements and certificates


If your account is for business, additional documents may be required, including:

  • Certified or original copies of corporate documents
  • Information that discloses your business activities, such as copies of contracts, invoices, frequency of outgoing and incoming payments, estimated figures, etc.
  • Details of the beneficial owners of the business will be required, including:
    • - National ID cards, proof of residence, documents proving sources of funds, employer recommendations, employment contracts, savings and other business information.

    • - You may also need to provide referrals from your business partners; bank statements and account statements; and a resume that reveals your education and career.


The bank also checks your business partners frequently. This is done to validate the legality of your business practices..


The minimum deposit required to open an account will depend on the bank.




Effective banking confidentiality


Swiss banks are renowned for outstanding bank secrecy laws. These laws are the strictest in the entire world. They made the country more attractive for people with large financial assets..


Political stability


Switzerland is a politically stable country, and this is confirmed by its history. This makes this jurisdiction the preferred jurisdiction for most financial services and private banks..


Higher interest rates


Throughout history, Swiss accounts have been known for generating higher returns than their foreign counterparts..




You can get the safest banking system in Switzerland. In the event of a system crash, your funds will be fully secured by the depositor agreement - the Swiss Banking Association.


Fair minimum deposit amount


You can find banks that will open an account for at least CHF 5,000. This means that anyone can open a bank account..




As the financial system in Switzerland makes a large contribution to the country's economy, it is professionally managed and serviced..


The disadvantages include:


Higher commissions


Advanced security protocols offered by banks require slightly higher fees compared to most commercial banks.


Lack of local branches


While they have access to funds through a mobile app, e-banking, private bankers and tokens, some customers still want the convenience of their local bank branch near them..