Opening an account in foreign banks

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Registering a company abroad is not an easy task. To avoid collisions with pitfalls and speed up the process, it is best to trust professionals. One of the main activities of SIGTAX is the registration of companies in Ukraine and abroad


In addition to helping with the registration process, our specialists - accountants, lawyers and consultants - will also take the time to evaluate your business plan and will be happy to give invaluable advice on developing a successful and profitable business in your chosen country.


SIGTAX experts will help you choose the best legal structure in a particular jurisdiction, taking into account such factors as business model, nationality, the presence of signed agreements to avoid double taxation in a country


To organize the smooth operation of your company abroad, without being distracted by bureaucratic obstacles, it is very important to have a reliable back office partner. SIGTAX back office specialists are ready to help you in all matters related to business expansion, legal and accounting aspects, as well as the registration of companies in Ukraine and abroad.


Over the years, SIGTAX has helped hundreds of foreign investors start businesses in Ukraine and 15 other European countries. We pay special attention to each client and approach the provision of corporate and company registration services individually.


Our team of experts, both Ukrainian and international, will take the time to get acquainted with and analyze your unique business model and provide you with individual services that will not only simplify but also speed up your business processes.


The following is a list of countries in which we recommend starting a business. You are always free to contact our specialists to clarify specific details of doing business in a particular jurisdiction.


For more information on the specifics of doing business in these jurisdictions, please contact our specialists.