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Getting a dedicated building or office for your business can be quite difficult, or costly, especially if you have just set up shop in Russia. Luckily, SIGTAX makes it possible for you to get a well-furnished, uniquely positioned office space in Russia with a large package of services. Apart from regular office space, you also get meeting rooms and a receptionist who is always present.


SIGTAX’s business centre offers the following:

  • A business address required for company incorporation in Russia.
  • A dedicated fax number in Russia 
  • A local Russian telephone number – this will come in handy for local contacts or call redirecting 
  • Co-working spaces - perfect for mobile workers
All registered businesses running operations in Russia are required to have a business address. You can therefore engage SIGTAX, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on renting offices and premises. Our business centre is properly equipped to handle all of your working requirements and to provide you with the convenience your need.