Corporate administration

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Instead of spending a lot of time trying to navigate the nitty-gritty of administration, accounts and legal requirement, SIGTAX bears the load for your allowing your ample time to focus on your core business. Above all, at SIGTAX, we ensure that each of our clients stays compliant to legal company secretarial requirements.
SIGTAX Russia corporate administration services include the following:
  • Company incorporation and capitalization

  • Company management and administration

  • Provision of expert directors, to meet legal requirements

  • Registered office and domiciliation services

  • Registered office and domiciliation services

  • Company secretary, board meeting support and statutory record-keeping

  • Provision of dedicated office space

  • Share trustees and nominee shareholders


We also provide a variety of other service offerings which help properly run and manage your business in Russia :

  • Incorporation/liquidation of companies in Russia

  • Management and accounting services

  • Company name change

  • Provision of board members and Directorships

  • Human resources and office support

  • Forensic Monitoring

  • Preparing businesses to be listed on the stock exchange

  • Audit committees and corporate finance advisory

  • Liquidity management


SIGTAX helps clients in several different sectors - all secure in the knowledge that they are dealing with a trusted industry specialist, with comprehensive knowledge of corporate administration. So, while you deal with your core business, our crew of experienced and committed specialists will handle the administration needed to keep your operations flowing smoothly.