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SIGTAX comprises of seasoned company formation experts with vast experience in Italy. We'll handle all the beuracratic requirements through a relatively quick process, depending on the availability of the necessary documents.


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Taxation for Russian Companies

SIGTAX provides tactical tax planning and preparation services for various types of companies in Russia and more than 13 other countries. We are very experienced in this field, so you can rest easy knowing that we will address every deduction and discover all incentives that your business qualifies for. Our tax team continuously sharpen their skills by analyzing tax law and tax structures of various jurisdictions. This allows us to quickly note any changes to company and individual tax law, which eventually benefit our valued clients.

SIGTAX has taken the time to fully understand the Switzerland company incorporation procedures and requirement in order to offer you an efficient, seamless service package. We help all individuals and companies wishing to establish and run businesses in Switzerland. Our team of experienced experts are always at your disposal, assisting you and providing your will all the details your need. 


At SIGTAX, we ensure that your business is not hindered by the complex incorporation and registration procedure. It is our aim to have you maintain your zeal and enthusiasm for business while we navigate the complex steps for you. Furthermore, we treat each uniquely that walks through our doors, uniquely fully acknowledging your needs and wishes. 


Company Formation Services

Sigtax is a respected and well-known company formation services deliverer in Russia and 13 other jurisdictions. Our goal is to get your business set up in record time. Due to our global network of banks, agents, and partners, you will unknowingly tap into a wealth of global resources when you engage us.

Our team of experts stays updated with bleeding-edge information and current business trends regarding accounting, taxation and company law. After you successfully incorporate your company, we will also walk with you, helping you to sort your accounting books and establishing a solid foundation for your young business. We have also taken time to understand various industries, so you can trust our advice and focus on what you want to achieve with your new business in Russia.


Steps for company formation in Russia

  • Prepare shareholder's documents.
  • Deposit at least 25% of the amounts provided in cash with a bank
  • Execute a public deed of incorporation and company bylaws before a public notary; pay registration tax
  • Pay government grant tax to the post office current account
  • Register online with the Register of Enterprises (Registro delle Imprese) at the local chamber of commerce
  • Notify the competent Labor Office (DPLMO) the employment of workers
  • Receiving the registration certificate
  • Commence operations


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