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Accounting regulations and requirements in Russia can be a bit tricky to manoeuvre. Furthermore, the language in Russia isn’t the easiest to learn. Our team of highly qualified and experienced accounting experts can provide you with comprehensive accounting services packages that can help you maintain your local accounting obligations in good order.

We are always ready to partner with you and help you achieve your goals. It is up to you to take advantage of our expertise and experience to organize your internal finance department.


You can pick from the following available list of service:


  • Bookkeeping and accountancy management right from the initial documentation to the preparation of financial tax accountability;
  • Representation in all national institutions, as well as in private companies;
  • Russian tax issues;
  • Analysis of company economic indicators and presentation of conclusions.
  • Keeping and updating of inventory books;
  • Handling managerial and accounting responsibilities of the client during the initial stages. 
  • Assistance during audits, representation during inspections and tax controls
  • Translation accountancy services;
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork for management of each statutory account and shareholder decisions 
  • Stock management consultancy services
Additional services
  • Preparation of primary documentation;
  • Presentation and drafting of annual reports, including value, added tax;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the state bodies of Russia;
  • Transfer of copies of reports to the Commercial Register;
  • Free access to the online system with the functions of storing contracts, templates of letters, billing.
  • Assistance in reducing the tax burden due to the systematic optimization of accounting;
  • profit & loss and cash flow
  • payment of social contributions
  • payroll service
  • drafting of balance sheet
  • financial planning
  • drafting of consolidated balance sheet
At SIGTAX, we are not accountants; we are business partners. We aim to be part of your success story by ensuring that your business is more profitable. We understand that any successful company needs a clear financial performance picture with detailed information on cash flows, expenditures, profits, and losses. That is where we as SIGTAX come in.